An easy way to improve your strategy implementation – JUST ACT NOW

kids-sports_1778189cThis week I uncovered the fact that most organization don’t roll out their annual strategic objectives until April. Yes, April; losing at least a quarter of the year when they could be taking some action.
Another way to look at this is that many of your competitors won’t roll out their annual strategic objectives until April. So, if you were to roll your objectives out now, you already have already improved your chances of delivering your strategy, with one easy action.
And, by following a simple process you could define your objectives in a way that strengthens the content and connectedness of your strategy setting you up to deliver even greater results.
For the purpose of this, I will assume that you have done the work on defining your strategy and are currently in one of two positions. You will either have a detailed strategy planning document or a group of high level goals.
From here your first step is to articulate that strategy in a cross functional, coherent group of objectives. This group of strategic objectives articulate both what you want to achieve and how you will achieve it. They won’t go into detail, but they will signpost the direction forward.
A coherent group of objectives brings great advantage over objectives which are either unconnected or possibly conflicting.
Keep the group of objectives to around twenty five. Many more and it no longer feels like a focused strategy, but an accumulation of everybody’s ideas. Many less and it may not give enough guidance, which may further stall your progression to action.
Be careful of the words used in creating your objectives. They should clearly state what you are going to do, not be slogans, dreams or vague expressions. What I find works well is describing what the objective will look like when it is achieved.
Create a strategy you can communicate by depicting your objectives in a one page diagram. But keep the detail of the objectives, so that when all of your Leadership Team can communicate it in a similar way.
Create this map of objectives with the whole of your leadership team. This creates a stronger map, ensures consistency of understanding and starts to process of emotional buy in to your strategy from the team. Take your time with this. Time saved now moving ahead with objectives that are not fully understood and agreed will be lost tenfold when you come to take action.
But to really take a rush on your competitors, why not take the next step and strengthen these objectives with the key actions you are going to take to make them happen. A group of actions with allocated resources in both people and funding that links back to your strategic objectives? Well that would put you an incredible position to start the year.
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